27 January, 2021

Regional Centre





14th April, 2020




The last date for submission of Assignments , eligible to appear in the TEE June 2020 i.e. registered in July Session ( Annual Programme) & January , 2020 Session ( Six Month/ Semester Based Programme) is extended from present date of submission of same i.e. 30/04/2020 to 31/05/2020 along with the submission of Projects/ Dissertations/ Journals etc due to postponement of Learner Support Service activities at all Regional Centre/ Learner Support Centres ( LSC) across the country till 3rd May 2020 as a precautionary measure for Novel Corona(COVID-2019).

All the Regional Directors   are requested to display this information on their website and Notice Board of the Regional Centre. Regional Directors are also requested to provide this information to the respective Study Centres to display the information on the notice board of the study centre and also provide the information to the students accordingly.

Head Computer Division is requested to upload the information on the Home Page of the IGNOU website

 Director International Division is also requested to provide the information to the International learners.

 This issue with the approval of the competent authority


(Dr. V B Negi)

Registrar (SED) i/c


·         Head Computer Division

·         Director International Division

·         Director SSS IGNOU H/Q

·         All Regional Directors

·         PIU  Incharge

 Copy to:

1.      All Directors of  School of Studies

2.      DD ,VCO for kind information to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

3.      PS to All PVC’s

4.      Director RSD

5.       Registrar SRD

6.      Registrar MPDD

7.      Director EMPC

8.      Director COE

9.      All Officers of SED

10.  PA to R/ SED